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4 Weeks. 4 Sessions.

From 8am – 9am

Cost: $10-$20 / class

Coffee. Community. Workshops.
-Welcome to The Morning Fix-

Bringing women together in hands-on, workshops to power their careers & lives.

At SheSays Boulder we want to see more women thriving and rising in work they love. We want you to define your future. That’s whey we’re proud sponsor & partner of The Morning Fix. The goal: Get an amazing group of women together, add coffee & a kick-ass leader/facilitator (who’s been in the trenches and has lots to share), and power through hands-on, workshop sessions that are focused on invaluable skills.


We’re not just talking about great practices and tricks of the trade, we’re working on them together. The skills you need, to go.

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More events coming in 2018!

Previous Event: September 2017


A strong website is an essential investment for every business, yet simply having a website does not guarantee new business! So what can we do to maximize our return?


In this course, Stacie walks us through how to drive traffic to our website, how to keep people engaged, and more importantly, how to get them to take action!
Whether you own your own business, design websites, or simply want to learn more about website traffic and engagement, this course is for you!


Join us as we create a space for learning, growing, and networking with other incredible women.

Facilitator Spotlight:


Stacie is a designer at heart with 6 years of business development and project management under her belt. She enjoys leading teams to success, bringing brands to life online, creating digital user experiences, and coaching small business owners.


Stacie founded Boulder Digital Collective in 2016 with the intention of bringing together women in the digital world to collaborate on digital projects of all sizes and encourage each other to pursue entrepreneurship and creativity. Boulder Digital Collective is now comprised of 10+ women who are working with brands across the globe.




Course Outline: 

Here’s what we’ll focus on each week.
(Take one session, or two,  or all four – what ever works best for you!)

Week 1 |  Sept 7th

Simple SEO Solutions  / SEO tools that work. Workshop around keywords for Google and important analytics to look for.


Week 2 |  Sept 14th

Spice Up Your Marketing / Driving traffic to your site through Instagram. Workshop around their target audience and how they can engage them.


Week 3 |  Sept 21st 

Classy Calls To Action / Tools and tips for getting people to click and take action on your site. Workshop around some “classy” calls to action they can put on their site.


Week 4 |  WEDNESDAY Sept 27th 

Course Review and Results / A final review of what was taught as well as a presentation of what we accomplished.